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The hope is that everyone will find the site informative and enjoyable to explore. It will, however, only be as valuable as the information placed in it. Therefore, please contribute. No piece of information is too small; it could provide a clue to a mystery that is unsolved for generations. For a submission to the database or for a private communication, please use editorcfhs@gmail.com.

Our Mission

The Creaghe Family Historical Society is dedicated to gathering, storing and sharing information related to the Creaghe family with particular interest in, but not limited to, the descendants of John Creaghe, Richard and Anne Heyliger of Castlepark, Golden, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, and the other families that have blended into the tree over the generations. This information can be used to inform future generations about their forebears – who they were, where they lived, how they lived and what they were like on a personal level.

Recent Posts


Creaghe Family Historical Society Newsletter November 20, 2021 There have been several interesting developments related to the CFHS website over the last year. New articles have been published, and additions have been made to existing pieces. Brief summaries are included here. NEWS The first item pertains to one of those things that commonly happens over…


AFRICAN AMERICAN CIVIL WAR MEMORIAL African American Civil War Memorial, Washington DC The African American Civil War Memorial honors the African American and other men of color, and their white officer corps who fought for the United States in the Civil War. The monument was dedicated in July 1998. The focal point is a superb…


JOHN O’DWYER CREAGHE 1841 – 1920 John O’Dwyer Creaghe led a life filled with adventure, conflict, revolution, and, finally, mental illness.  Some parts of his past are somewhat blurry; some are well-documented.  This sketch will lay out some of what is known, possible, or not known. John’s father, Stephen William Creaghe (1805 – 1854) was…


Richard Creaghe DL’s Watch Richard Creaghe DL (Esq.) (d. 1837) left this gold watch to his son, Richard Fitzroy Heyliger Creaghe (1804- 1890) with the caveat that it be kept in the family. It has indeed been kept in the family, going next to his first born, Richard Fitzroy (Roy) Creaghe (1844- 1890). Perhaps the…


The Creaghe Family Historical Society Newsletter September 20, 2020 There have been multiple inquiries to the society in the last seven months.  These are always quite interesting and often bring new information to light.   Graeme Robertson was to make one of his regular trips to Tristan da Cunha this spring, but postponement for at least…

Percy F.S. Creaghe

Percy Fitzroy Seton Creaghe August 9th, 1875 – July 27th, 1947 Our family owes a debt of gratitude to Percy Creaghe in that he collected, collated, and commented on family papers and letters he compiled in the 1930’s.  Michael Barnett obtained copies of the papers during a visit with Lady Pamela Blunden and her daughter…


If you have questions about any aspect of the organization (joining, historical sites, ancestors, or artifacts), please reach out.

Family History

This section is designed to provide easy access to information organized by people (Ancestors), family historic sites, family artifacts, and family history in general. Articles about the Creaghe family in Australia, the Bazan family in New Mexico, the Gordon family, the Creaghe Ranch are examples.

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