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15 Feb Percy F.S. Creaghe

Percy Fitzroy Seton Creaghe August 9th, 1875 - July 27th, 1947 Our family owes a debt of gratitude to Percy Creaghe in that he collected, collated, and commented on family papers and letters he compiled in the 1930’s.  Michael Barnett obtained copies of the papers during a visit with Lady...

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21 Mar St. George Creaghe as Sheriff

St George Creaghe , center bottom row.             I had always heard stories of my great-grandfather, St. George Creaghee (1852-1924), being sheriff of Apache County, Arizona Territory.  However, it was never clear just what that meant.  The only frames of reference were Western Movies, TV shows (there were plenty in the...

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27 Feb John W.W. Creaghe and Julia Rae Creaghe

John William Wentworth Creaghe (1853-1931)  Julia Rae Creaghe (1861-1955)   [caption id="attachment_16768" align="aligncenter" width="192"] Captain John W.W. Creaghe[/caption] We know relatively little from direct sources about John W. W. Creaghe and even less about Julia Rae, his wife of forty-two years.  However, the data we do have, plus interferences...

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08 Aug Richard and Matilda Creaghe, Their Life and Times

Richard Creaghe, DL (?-July 7th, 1837) Matilda Parsons Creaghe (1769-August 10th, 1835) Their Life and Times   [caption id="attachment_16718" align="aligncenter" width="238"] Richard  Creaghe, DL[/caption] Richard Creaghe, known variously as Richard Creaghe of Castle Park or Richard Creaghe, DL, is important in that he reestablished our family in Ireland, led an...

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20 Jan Emily Caroline Creaghe

On various occasions references have appeared in the press regarding the exploration of country in the Northern Territory (then part of South Australia) in 1883 by Ernest Favenc and his partner Harry A. Creaghe, accompanied by Mrs. Creaghe and Lindsay Crawford....

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20 Jan James Garfield Corning

The transcription that follows is from a handwritten autobiography of James Garfield Corning (married to my grandmother Ethel Katherine (Creaghe) Corning. It is written in black ink on 5 pages of stationery paper, and kept together with a straight pin. I don’t know why, but...

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20 Jan Gerald Francis Creaghe

On February 22, 1856, Gerald was born the seventh child of nine and sixth of seven sons to Richard F.H. Creaghe and Anna Maria Archer-Butler in Ireland. Little is known of his childhood. The earliest written evidence was found by Michael Barnett when he noted...

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20 Jan William Creaghe Corning

Bill joined the Marine Corps days after Pearl Harbor, December 8, 1941. He received his recruit training at U.S.M.C. Recruit Training Depot, San Diego. Upon completion, he spent a short time at Camp Elliott, San Diego; and we were married before his departure for the...

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