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27 Feb Ship Model, Highfield Church

SHIP MODEL HIGHFIELD CHURCH SOUTHAMPTON, UK   [caption id="attachment_16777" align="aligncenter" width="437"] Ship model, Highfield Church, 2017.[/caption] This wooden model of sailing ship was presented to Highfield Church in memory of John W.W. Creaghe upon his death in 1931. An accompanying plaque carries the admonition to “pray for our sailors.” [caption id="attachment_16786"...

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27 Feb Offertory Plate, Highfield Church

OFFERATORY PLATE HIGHFIELD CHURCH SOUTHAMPTON, UK   [caption id="attachment_16776" align="aligncenter" width="330"] Highfield Church Offertory Plate[/caption] This eighteen-inch diameter, solid brass plate is, actually, a bit heavy. It is used for collection of congregational offerings during services at Highfield Church. John and Julia Creaghe presented the plate to the parish as...

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21 Dec Navajo Weavings

Navajo Weavings My Grandmother, Nellie B. Creaghe (1894-1977), kept a genuine cedar chest tucked in the back of her closet. I first discovered it as a kid in the 1950’s. There was lots of intriguing stuff in it: civil war sword, her sister’s Red Cross uniform...

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28 May Creaghe Brand – Colorado

The "U F connected" brand was registered by St. George Creaghe (1852-1924) on May 28, 1907. It was presumably obtained from Martin C. Stephens of La Junta, Colorado. It was then registered to Lawrence P. Creaghe (1891-1961) in 1944; followed by Lawrence B. Creaghe (1920-2011)....

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