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The Creaghe Family Historical Society Newsletter September 20, 2020 There have been multiple inquiries to the society in the last seven months.  These are always quite interesting and often bring new information to light.   Graeme Robertson was to make one of his regular trips to Tristan da Cunha this...

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27 Feb NewsLetter, February 28, 2018.

Creaghe Family Historical Society News Letter February 28, 2018 Welcome to the first newsletter of 2018. Our primary article this time looks into the lives of John W.W. Creaghe and his wife, Julia. This subject was chosen because it looked to be a rather simple, quickly done under...

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08 Aug 2017 Midyear Update

  MIDYEAR UPDATE  2017   Welcome to the 2017 Midyear Update of the CFHS Website. We have two new posts, an unknown photograph, and an item of interest – a DNA analysis to check out.   ANCESTORS   [caption id="attachment_16718" align="aligncenter" width="238"] Richard  Creaghe, DL[/caption]   Richard  Creaghe, DL and his wife, Matilda Parsons,...

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21 Dec December 2016 Up Date

CFHS December 2016 Up Date [caption id="attachment_16618" align="aligncenter" width="717"] Castle Park, 2016LCB Photo[/caption]                  Greetings to one and all. We continue to chug along; there are a couple of new posts to check out. In Sites, have a look at "Saipan and Tinian";...

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30 Dec Welcome to the CFHS Website

The hope is that everyone will find the site informative and enjoyable to explore. It will, however, only be as valuable as the information placed in it. Therefore, please contribute. No piece of information is too small; it could provide a clue to a mystery...

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