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Family History

14 Feb Bazan in the New World

To understand the proud Spanish heritage brought into our family by the marriage of my grandfather St. George Creaghe to my grandmother Serapia Bazan y Ortiz it was necessary to review the historical records that date back to the first Spanish Conquest and the Re-Conquest...

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14 Feb Bazan Marriage Records

The two leading Anglo-Irish families in Ireland have long been the FitzGeralds and the Butlers. From being comrades in arms of the invading Strongbow1, they became by degrees rival barons, and fierce contestants for the vice-sovereignty of their adopted country. In the War...

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20 Jan Creaghe Research

What follows is a summary of information gathered by Michael Barnett during a journey to Ireland and England that he and his wife, Merril took in 1997. Michael’s grandmother was Emily Caroline Creaghe, later Barnett (1860-1944) – see “Ancestors”. This relationship led to his interest...

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