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Historic Sites

27 Feb Highfield Church, Southampton

Highfield Church Southampton, England   Highfield Church in Southampton is officially known as Christ Church, Potswood, and was consecrated as such on September 17, 1847, just as the city was coming into its own as a major, modern seaport.  However, in 1883, parishioners began referring to it as...

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08 Aug First National Bank Robbery

First National Bank Robbery “Fleagle Gang” Lamar, Colorado, May 5, 1928   [caption id="attachment_16726" align="aligncenter" width="300"] First National Bank,1927.  At the time of the robbery, the trees had been                   removed.  Courtesy, Tom Betz[/caption]    As with many things related to our family...

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21 Nov Saipan and TInian

Saipan and Tinian Stephen Creaghe (b.1947) November 23,2016   The Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands lies about 15 degrees above the equator in the western Pacific, just north of Guam and seven and one half hours from Hawaii. While not as lush as other tropical paradises such as the...

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21 Jul Creaghe Family Burial Vault

Creaghe Family Burial Vault Stephen B. Creaghe, Michael Barnett July 16, 2016 [caption id="attachment_16557" align="aligncenter" width="354"] Creaghe Family Burial Vault 1998[/caption] In 1817 Richard Creaghe, D.L. (d. 1837) had a burial vault constructed for his family in the Anglican churchyard, Golden, Co. Tipperary, just across the River Suir from...

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21 Jan Gordon Home

The house at 404 S. 2nd built and owned by my Grandmother's (Florence P. (Sayler) Moore) brother Frank W. Sayler in 1923 purchased buy my grandfather Arthur C. Gordon in 1944. Frank and his wife Emily Florence (Tewell) Sayler both passed away in 1944. ...

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