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Books and Articles

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Corning, James The Creaghe Name in the United States, Genealogy Book, 1987. CCFHS Website.

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Creaghe, Phillip Crampton, ed. The Letters of Harry Alington Creaghe, 1865-1868, Michael Barnett, Publisher. CFHS Library.

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1Lt. John S. Creaghe, 10th Mountain Division, Interview-World War II experiences, 2004, approx. 100min. CFHS Library, Denver Public Library -10th Mt. Div. Collection.

Dedication Creaghe Training Support Center, Fort Drum, New York, 2015, Ceremony and news broadcast, Approx. 30 min. CFHS Library, Denver Public Library -10th Mt. Div. Collection


Eddie Dalton Interview, Interview with local Golden and west Tipperary historian, 2013. At the 5-minute mark he discusses Castle Park/Creaghe House. or Google: Eddie Dalton+Golden Ireland

Newspaper Articles

Crosby, George, St. George and Paddy Creaghe, St. John’s Observer, August 8, 1880. Genealogy Book and CFHS Library.

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